Welcome To YMCA Mukono

Welcome To YMCA Mukono

We extend the long well known theme of YMCA Uganda as a source of inspiration for hundreds of…

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Producing Job Creators

Producing Job Creators

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Empowering You With Skills

Empowering You With Skills

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Vocational Skills

We empower our students with skills necessary to change their lives including catering, tailoring, fashion and design, mechanics …

Sports And Talents

YMCA Uganda is well known as the hib for developing and nurtturing students talents.At our Mukono branch we…

Quality Education

Skill based education that focuses on producing students that create rather than look for jobs.We empower our students…

Uganda YMCA Mukono

Mukono YMCA teachers’ and commercial college is a private institution under Uganda YMCA.This college begun in 1989 with only two courses namely: tailoring and secretarial studies with a population of thirty (30) students.To date, this college has over 30 courses with a total population of eight hundred students leading to award of certificates and Diplomas.

This college is known for providing courses geared towards job creation. And is proud for its role played in impacting students with relative education skills which are sought for by employees. This explains the reason as to why many of students have obtained high profile job all over this nation.

YMCA is an international body for of all ages, embracing mankind of all religious denominations. Uganda YMCA was founded in 1959 and has various Branches through out the country.YMCA Mukono branch was formed in 1989 and is today offering a variety of activities in Gender and Youth, and Education Departments.

YMCA Comprehensive Institute has enjoyed a decade of rich and successful traditional provision of Qualitative Education. Its mission is to promote the moral, spiritual and mental development of individuals.The institute aims at building a self sustainable institution that promotes growth and effective leadership and participation of all stakeholders.

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WE Aim To Instill

We aim at inculcating practical skills to students so that they can become job creators​ Bring up students of high moral capacity and discipline​; Talent development and organization​ Inspire students to be leaders of tomorrow.

Apply for the August/September 2019 intake and enroll with a skill oriented institute.Click On the button to see…

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