Uganda YMCA Jinja was established in 1963, is one of the branches of Uganda YMCA with headquarters in Wandegeya Kampala. YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association.

The program to open up Uganda YMCA Jinja Branch in Jinja was initiated by Mr. Yokano K. Lubogo in 1962 where by a total of 55 members sat and agreed to form the YMCA Jinja Branch. The Branch Committee in effect worked hard resulting into the recruitment of 603 members by February 1963.

The first Board of Directors were elected in 1963. Jinja Branch was the first and the oldest Branch of Uganda YMCA.

In August 1963, plans were developed for YMCA building in Jinja and Kampala. Top leaders in the country including the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Sir Udo Udoma (RIP), minister for external affairs, honorable Sam Odaka and many Ugandans took responsibilities in active leadership to raise resources (funds) for the building.

Subsequently, the Uganda YMCA Headquarters in Kampala and the program unit building in Jinja were constructed. The foundation stone was laid by the then prime minister of Uganda. Dr. Apollo Milton Obote on 29th Jan 1966.

Besides the military coup, the political climate remained unstable and most, if not all the games facilities, recreational facilities were looted and others vandalized during the 1981-1986 civil wars. These affected the provision of service to the youth inform of recreational activities as it used to.

Likewise, during the military regime, the government took over the program unit building in Jinja where vocational training was taking place. This building is presently hosting MUBS Jinja Campus.

On 18th November 1995, the program unit building in Jinja was returned back to the National council of Uganda YMCA, thus providing conducieve environment for the smooth running of YMCA program up to date.

YMCA College of Business Studies, Jinja

YMCA Jinja like other branches has got diversity of program. One of the main programs is education which is carried out under the name of YMCA College of Business Studies.

The College is located on plot 16/24 Nalufenya Road, Jinja Municipality. The original name of the College was YMCA Commercial Institute. It started offering program right from its inception in early 1960s as part of the services to the Jinja community. The name was later changed to YMCA College of Business Studies, Jinja, after being registered with the Ministry of Education, November 17th 1988(No.PSC/Y/2).

The College is registered center for the then UNEB Business and Technical Examination Center No.U042 and UBTEB (Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board) which has now left UNEB to handle primary and secondary school examinations only.

Recently following the visitation by National Council for Higher Education at YMCA College of Business Studies in Jinja, the College was granted a provisional license to operate as an institution of higher learning. The NCHE visited YMCA Jinja in early 2016.


To build a self sustaining institution that promotes growth and effective leadership and participation of all stakeholders in its programs and activities.


To attain a full development of humanity that encompasses body, spirit and mind with particular emphasis on the youth and disadvantaged groups.


Promotion of self reliance and participation of all stakeholders in YMCA activities.


• Honesty

• Respect

• Responsibility

• Faith and Caring

Institutional Leadership History

Board Chairpersons

  1. Yokana Lubogo (RIP) 1963-1967
  2. Khattu 1968-1970
  3. Engineer Zikusooka Nyonyitono 1971-1972
  4. Mwanje 1973-1974
  5. Chrystom. S.N MAGONA 1975-1977
  6. Dan. W. BATUWA 1978-1980
  7. Ben Wandera 1980-1981

Board Chairpersons

  1. Moses Perry 1963-1969
  2. Elly Rwokama 1970-1978
  3. Lugas Uwendo 1978-1986
  4. Ji Kimira Isanga 1986-1993
  5. Omalla Kasele Stephene (RIP) 1993-1995
  6. Eridan Nathan Okoth 1995-1997
Contact Information
Branch Director / Principal