Certificate In Computer Maintenance

Enroll for our Certificate In Computer Maintenance Repair And networking.This course is divided into two sectors.

Computer Maintenance And Repair

  • The structure of a computer and the different types
  • Assembling a computer
  • Software categories
  • Managing storage devices
  • Memory management
  • Installation of peripheral devices and configuration
  • The BIOS program and its role
  • passwords management
  • Motherboard and processor trouble shooting techniques
  • Operating system software installation configuration and its recovery
  • Application software installation/ uninstallation
  • Detecting virus activity and removal of virus plus prevention
  • Managing the windows registry
  • Managing user account profiles
  • Recovering data deleted from formatted storage devices
  • Management of windows files and folders
  • Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 , 2010(MS Word)

Computer Networking , Trouble Shooting

  • Using the command line interface
  • Diagnosing and trouble shooting computer hardware and software continued
  • Network Technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages of networking of networking
  • Types of networks
  • LAN and Wireless networks
  • Network protocols, IP addresses and configurations
  • Cable types
  • Termination of Ethernet cables
  • Testing network connectivity and trouble shooting
  • Internet browsers and email