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Brief History

The YMCA in Uganda was founded in 1959. It has six main branches, including Kampala YMCA. Other branches are in Jinja, Mukono, Mbale, Mbarara, Kasese.

The first mention of a YMCA in Uganda was made in a 1913 report of the World Alliance. The matter rested until 1947, when the World Alliance of YMCAs in Geneva sent Dr. George Haynes to investigate the possibilities for YMCAs in Africa. He met in Uganda E. M. K. Mulira. as a result, the present site for the Headquarters, YMCA Kampala Branch and YMCA Comprehensive Institute , was chosen.

Later, in 1959, a meeting was convened by A. R.Russell, then Acting Director of African Housing, and with nine people attending, discussed the formation of the Uganda YMCA. Another meeting was convened on 28 July  chaired by Dr. Leslie Brown, Bishop of Uganda, and the first committees were appointed.

The World Alliance then dispatched Merlin Bishop to Uganda; and on the strength of his report the YMCA of the USA showed interest in the formation of the Uganda YMCA. Two fraternal secretaries were sent in response to a January 1960 application of the formation committee.

Dan. P. Tyler arrived in Uganda in 1961 and started the YMCA at Kampala. Moses Perry in October 1962 started the branch at Jinja. In May 1965 a third branch was opened in Mbarara; and the fourth branch was in Gulu, Kasese and Mukono Branches were later opened. The Gulu branch was shut down as a result of the insurgency in the northern part of the country

The Uganda YMCA became prominent by its hosting of YMCA representatives of around 80 countries, in July 1973 in the 6th YMCA World Council meeting, in Kampala. It was from this meeting that the YMCA’s Kampala Principles derive.

All YMCA activities in Uganda are coordinated by the National Secretariat headed by the National Executive Director.

The Secretariat runs a computer school which offers skilling programs such as computer applications, computer maintenance course and electronics courses its also runs a Driving school.